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Increase your company's efficiency by investing in modern technological solutions!

Our Advantages

We guarantee an individual approach that allows us to effectively meet the expectations and needs of our clients. We understand that each project, order or client's needs are unique.

Our company has extensive experience, operating on the market since the 1990s. Our long-term presence on the market has allowed us to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively perform tasks in various fields.

In our company, we focus on continuous development and improvement. We strive to learn the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in our industry.

Our company has an advanced and extensive machine park. This resource includes modern equipment and technology that allows us to perform a variety of projects efficiently and in high quality.


We specialize in the design and production of equipment and technological lines for the production, processing and packaging of bulk materials and for the production of construction and household chemicals based on liquid and semi-liquid raw materials.

We have designed and manufactured a number of machines and equipment as well as technological lines for producers and distributors of products such as: cement, lime, gypsum, chalk, dolomite, construction chemicals, peat, charcoal, lignite, graphite, artificial fertilizers, herbicides, dusty plastics and granulated, paraffin, soda, sugar, cereals, feed, corn grits, paints, adhesives, enamels, silicones, etc.

Our solutions include simple production nodes for small plants as well as fully automated, high-performance technological lines with computer visualization.

We design new plants, modernize existing ones, and integrate new production lines into the existing infrastructure.

The specificity of our work requires an individual approach to the client’s needs. The changing market, and consequently the needs of our customers, favor the expansion of the range and improvement of machines.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of devices.



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