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We design, manufacture, and assemble machines and complete plants intended for building chemical production with capacity from 5 up to 120 tons per hour. Customer feedback and cooperation is key within the whole period of investment – from the pre-planning until the turn-key. RAFIZ modernizes existing plants. We deal with a wide range of issues as sole-contractor. We advise on technology and engineering.
Typical elements included in our offer:

  • drying lines (drum driers, coolers, screens, fluidisation driers),
  • drying and grinding process lines,
  • fractionation (vibrating screens, tumbler vibrating screens),
  • technological transport ( belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, roller conveyors, pneumatic transport, auto-cistern loading),
  • storage silos (from 20 to 400m3),
  • hoppers and tanks for bulk materials (buffer tanks, chemical additives loading stations, special tanks,
  • steel structures (according to needs),
  • sheds (module sheds, sheds made-to-individual order),
  • feeders (gravitational, screw, belt feeders, capacity feeders, loss in weight feeders, rotary feeders,
  • scales (tank scales, platform scales, continuous scales),
  • mixers (batch mixers, continuous mixers),
  • packing machines (for mouth sacks, open sacks),
  • ultrasonic closing system with an external mouth,
  • de-dusting system (silo tops, bag filters, de-dusting systems),
  • palletizers ( industrial robots, mechanical palletizing),
  • protection systems for filled pallets – stretch hood, wrapping machines, anti-slip glue applicator),
  • control systems.