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We have specialised in designing and manufacture of machines intended for dry bulk materials processing and confectioning since the beginning of the 90’s. In recent years we have enriched our offer with the new range of products for building and household chemicals based on liquid and semi-liquid raw materials.  Varying market and needs of our Customers have favoured the assortment expansion, machines perfection and their quality improvement.
We have designed and manufactured many machines, devices and process lines for producers and distributors of: cement, lime, plaster, limestone, dolomite, building chemicals, peat, charcoal, brown coal, graphite, fertilizers, herbicides, plastics, powdered or granulated material, paraffin, soda, sugar, grain, fodder, corn grits, paints, adhesives, enamels, silicones and such like.
We provide both simple solutions for small producers and high capacity full automatic process lines equipped with visualisation systems.
We design new plants, restore existing ones and integrate new process lines within an existing infrastructure.
Our modern solutions and innovatory systems have been applied in our projects  that are deemed to be not only safe but also reliable and infallible.
Turnkey plants and control systems together with visualisation systems are our specialization.
Our manufacturing plant with its machine facilities is able to provide precision machinery and heavy objects like silos or steel structures. We possess heavy assembly equipment too.
Carrying out our projects, we are always supported by the best building companies and design offices both in Poland and abroad.
We always adopt a special approach to our customers’ needs.