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Lid feeder

The lid feeder is an automatic device for placing lids on filled buckets. The lids are stacked vertically and grabbed with a gripper. Design solutions ensure the ability to put lids on buckets of various shapes and sizes. The feeders are designed for integration with automatic lines filling wet construction materials such as paints, plasters, etc. They are used in both low and high capacity lines. The entire cycle takes place automatically, without employee participation.

The standard version of the lid feeder is integrated with the conveyor of the filling machine. However, it can be installed on a separate or existing conveyor that is part of the filling line – depending on the Customer’s needs.

Technical data:

• dimensions: 2300 x 650 x 2100 (length x width x height)

• lids in stock: 90 pcs. DN320

• maximum height of the lid post: 1000 mm

• pneumatics

• max capacity: 600 lids/hour • made of S235JR structural steel with anti-corrosion protection or AISI 304 stainless stee

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