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paletyzacja worków

Palletizer for bags

The bag palletizing line is designed to automatically place filled bags on a pallet according to a programmed pattern. This is very important to obtain repeatable dimensions for transporting or storing the packaged final product.

The bag palletizing line also includes devices such as a pallet warehouse, a foil feeder, belt and roller conveyors, check scales, a bag forming system and a printer. The advantages of palletization include increased repeatability of stacked pallets (increased efficiency) while reducing employees work.

Depending on the efficiency and solutions, we offer palletization in two options:
 – palletizing using a linear palletizer
 – palletizing using a robot/manipulator

Technical data of linear palletizing:

  • capacity: approximately 1200 bags per hour
  • pallet size: width/length 800 x 1200 mm height 145 mm (EURO pallets)
  • bag rotation: Twin Belt System
  • 4 (6) different bag designs stacked on a pallet
  • maximum stacking height: 1500 mm, including pallet height,
  • weight of a full pallet: max 2000 kg
  • elevator with roller conveyor
  • control:
  • frequency converter
  • switching equipment
  • pneumatic equipment
  • device control system:
  • touch panel
  • made of S235JR constructional steel with anti-corrosion protection

Technical data of the robot palletizing line:

  • capacity: 800 cycles per hour depending on the settings and route of the gripper
  • pallet size: width/length 800 x 1200 mm height 145 mm (EURO pallets)
  • configuration of arrangement on the pallet.
  • 4-axis robot design
  • load capacity up to 110 kg,
  • control system
  • programming panel

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